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IPC Section 498-A: Misuse

Dedicated to the Victimised Indian Families, Who are falsely threatened & Blackmailed by the Indian Daughters-In-Law & her family members, and those Victimised families who are already falsely charged under the Section 498A. Its all about False charges of Dowry Law, Domestic Violence, Alimony, Marriage and Divorce. NOTE: All articles are my personal copyright. They may be republished if the source is acknowledged and a link provided to this site. This is not an Anti-Women Blog. Read Disclaimer.

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Women go to the police with a complaint (may be false), but the system provides to record that as a criminal complaint and that data adds in to the National Statistics of Crime Against Women. When male goes with a genuine complaint the police at max can record a Non Cognizable offence against the women. That will never reflect in the statistics. Then how will one guage crime against men? Every 100 Suicides in India have 63 Males and 37 Females. Every 100 male suicides have 45 married males, and every 100 women suicides have 25 married Women. Married women suicides have default arrests of the inlaws under presumed dowry death. Married men suicides entitle wife for a 50% share in property. What kind of equality is this? I thank you for visiting my blog, Please visit again. And I welcome you to participate on my Blog. [indianhusbands (at-the-rate) yahoo (dot) com]. Click here for Main Page

Friday, August 26, 2005

Section 498A-Indian Men’s attitude towards it

“Men’s rights are taken for granted.” I read this statement in my mailbox, and i realised this harsh fact. I was trying to come to terms with it. I was really thinking and disturbed about the whole thing as to how straight it is. Yet nobody realizes it. Why?

I always perceived myself as justice seeker for the victims with a definite soft corner for the women. I would want to share something with all of you and would urge you to tell this to all our family members and friends. Feel free to circulate this article and create awareness.

This may sound no big deal to a 3rd person. But I am frustrated when I write this and I am writing it to you all what I felt at that moment. According to me I have found one more reason and that is the attitude of men behind all this.
My Friend's experience goes like this as he writes to me…

I ran into an old colleague of mine in the Borivali-Churchgate Fast Local at Borivali. In the 1 Hr Run he updated proudly of his new corporate avatar. He said he is working with a leading software firm as a regional network administrator. And said that his office was very near to mine, he was glad to learn that we were both were heading for churchgate and to our offices.

He shared his ideas of to-be or not to be in my present organization where he once worked, and also told me how I too could switch over to brand that he works for. He sincerely appreciated my potential to work and said I am under rated where I am. I was lured and tempted by the facility that he was talking of. Soon he assured me that he will put me on to the contact of that person who could help me switch over as I, according to him sincerely deserved a package that his company offers.

Suddenly as usual the questions of my marital status came in to picture. He was last aware that then I was so called happily married with a lady that made an Ideal match and we were identified as an ideal couple. “Aur…. Bhabhiji kaisi hai?” he asked (he was asking me about my wife). And I slowly unfolded the facts. I felt I should share it with him as he was once very close to me and we genuinely trusted and appreciated each other.

From Dadar till Bombay Central he came across various stages of counseling me, assuring me, Opinionated himself about what I am, and predicted that things will be fine either way. I told him further as to what she did to my parents (also asked them to leave the house) and then the lies with me and my family. His eyes got wider and I spoke about the gyan that she gave me about section 498A etc as to how troubled I would be if I do not Fulfill her demands.... He nodded in unison with me or atleast pretended to do so.

We arrived at Churchgate and we got up. It was understood that we were on our way to the office with in the same vicinity. And to my surprise, Instead of continuing to head with me to the office, he suddenly told me with a change in his tone “Chalo I have to rush, see you some other time.” Suddenly his signals of God Fatherly image to give me a break in his organization also diminished.

I least expected him to abruptly abscond away from me like this. I felt his behaviour towards me was similar to what an AIDS or Leprosy victim would receive from a not so compassionate guy. I am sure his reaction to an AIDS or Leprosy patient would have been just like that. And at that moment this is what frustrated me. Ideally he should have not absconded the way he did.

Honestly we men are responsible for our attitude. And after being bitten when we ask, Are men taken for granted? The answer is a Harsh “Yes” “Because Men themselves have taken their concern for rights and other things for granted”

Wake up!!! Change your attitude fellow Indian Men. 498A and Domestic Violence bill is equally applicable to all of you. Your parents, your siblings and any other relatives are vulnerable by it.
Those surpanakhas (daughter-in-law) who are disguised as sitas in our society are lured and tempted by the facilites given to them by such law, they accuse innocent husbands and their families with Section 498A, facilities like the burden of proof lies with the accused. We can't make ourselves and our families so pathetic.
And when the accused is proven innocent, then NO legal action for misleading is taken (by default), against the girl. Millions of Innocent Indian Men and their families are loosing on their precious savings, Productive time, Earnings and Careers too in proving them innocent.
We need a change in the current scenario.

Change! Change! Change! Inquilab Zindabad.


Anonymous Bharat said...

Very well written! Keep on writing.


Sat Aug 27, 03:37:00 AM GMT+5:30  
Blogger Swarup said...

Dear writer ,

The problem is that you have shared your this story with a men , if you have shared this story to a women , she definetely give you the support what you expected ( provided the women is not another supernakahs ).Becuase the women knows waht is 498A , how thier friend misused that in pratcial . But this great MEN are so bussy , all this activity and responsibility given to thier wife and sold them self in thier hand . They will prefer to through out their own parents from the house , but will kiss the wifes feet every day morning , will behave like a pet dog in front of their In -Laws as he had sold them self in their hand . They are not a self respecting MEN . They are shame in the name of indian men , as they are ready to send thier mother to jail , and justyfy that they have send their mother to jail , so that rest of the life , she can live peacefully from evil ... some time those men calim that they are grand son of some freedom fighter . Shame to such men in our society .

Because in our present set up , it is very easy to get the simpathy and show in the society you are honest men , provided you support the suparnakhs , dierty money minded women .

Dont worry , solowly Indian MEN also will learn how western men treat their women , how difficult a life for wester women , but our women orginasation are thinking that wester law will make them western women .

In the name of women well fare , tehy are killing our mother , sister , killing the institution of marrage , as a result the Supreme court of India described that misuse of 498A as " legal terrorism "'. Who describe how a dishonest misuse the same for through out old aged parents from the house .

Our dirty politician will not understand , till the time this terrorist activity will reach each and every house of India .
So just start distrubting the pamplate , poster and make aware the people for this law 498A wich is more dangarous than TADA/POTA .

Sat Aug 27, 03:38:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Blogger Bharati said...

Its time men start takig thei own needs as well seiously becuase seriously they are being asked to subserve there needs for others . Literally domestic violece bill is legalisaing Robbery of "swakastarji" money of the men.
Also it will lead to site beig forced to cough up theri potion of inheritences becuase whch sister will ot give up money becuase her bhabi filed DV or 498a . Elder citizes will now be forced to live with their oppressors

Sun Aug 28, 01:40:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Blogger Sumanth said...

Men are conditioned by Patriachy to take all the blame and responsibility on their own head.

A hoarding in Bangalore says," Do not drive fast, your family needs you."

So, it means a man has to safeguard himself because he is a money making machine for family. It conveys if he does not have a family, then he can die. So, the suicide rate of separated, divorced and widowed men is at least 4 times compared to women in similar situations.

When Actor Christian Slater's wife throw something at him and he got 20 stitches on head, he requested police not to book his wife under domestic violence act fearing that she may get jailed.

Sat Sep 17, 02:35:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous delhigroup498a said...

Yes we have hit back with bang .

At least in the society we will term those who misused 498A for fulfilling the illogical demand to be termed as terrorist .

Yes the Law can not through them from the job , but we IIT ,IIM ,IT engineers can through them from our comany , those terrorist on this ground that you had done the legal terrorism .

We will change the attitutidu , it is tuff job , but we will do it . Need more and more people to start blog and make the awareness the truth.

Thu Sep 22, 02:39:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Blogger Swarup said...

This is the story of one of those guy :-

Delhi Court refuses Bail to Sanjay for marring A - 498A Girl.

Mrs. Aparna Gupta , 58 years , a well known Social activist associated with Women rights and Child Well fare for past 20 years . Her two daughters already married. His only Son Sanjay Gupta , 29 Years old and IT Engineer working in IBM , used to believe that the meaning of wife , she should be the best friend .

Then in his Company he came to Know Reena. She had a arranged marriage but the same got in sour and she is fighting the Divorce with her husband and by the help of 498A, able to get a mutual divorce for a settlement of 15 Lacks.

Sanjay was very much impressed with Reena and slowly they became the best friend of each other. When Mrs. Aparna came to know that her son want to marry Reena , she was very happy that her dream come true , as his son want to give the justice to a girls , as per LAW had been humiliated , insulated by her husband .

They got married on April,2002 . But Reena have some other Plan. She left the Job and shift to Mumbai on Aug’05 , and asked her husband to shift there and look a Job there. Sanjay refused to accept her demand as he say “ Why you want to work in Mumbai , you can very well work in Delhi . Come back and we will both work in Delhi .”

Now Reena use her previous experience, file a 498A, dowry harassment case against him along with two married sister , mother and father . Same lawyer , same Police Station , only thing the Name changed and asked for a Mutual Divorce with a settlement of 15 Lacks .

Sanjay shocked how his best friend can do such thing???

He apply for the bail highlighting that Reena had used 498A before also, so she is harassing his family in the same manner .

Judge asked, Before marrying you Know that Reena had used 498A previously??

Sanjay say “Yes my lord , and we became the best friend for that only , and I had given her all the support , status .”

Judge Says, “I refuse the bail for you as you have troubled to your whole family. How you can say when first time Reena used 498A that was a genuine case and this she filed a 498A against you means this is a fabricated case. This itself proves the Respondent taken the undue advantage of Reena , and used to make mental harassment , which leads to her make Suicide twice (as she mentioned in her petition , with all the witness name ) . Judge ask them sort out the Issue mutually, before granting the bail to Responded and responded family members“


Indian Parents and Pregent Sister are in Jail !!!

Yesterday when Mrs. Aparna called a SIF Volunteer and request to give some judgment, by which her son can get the bail. SIF volunteer and Supreme Court Lawyer Mahesh Tiwari , given the copy of few Judgments for the next hearing .

We hope Sanjay and his family will get the bail in next hearing.

But the Question get Unanswered, Is this is real or False case of 498A??

Will Court will favour Sanjay or Reena ??

As per Mr. Mahesh Tiwari , “ If I am the Judge , definitely send him to jail without any thought , to give a message to the society , that When it happened to others you say the girl is right and when the same girl use the 498A against you , start shouting this is a false case . I don’t have any sympathy to Sanjay and their family. That is the reason Supreme Court say the 498A had been misused so heavily, this leads to a Legal Terrorism”.

Let wait and watch, and we will wonder in his rest of the life of Sanjay will say, “I want to marry to a Girl, who will be my Best Friend!!! “”

498A – Blood Cancer of Indian Society , Inspite of Supreme Court concern our Law Maker don’t learn from the Mistake , they are ready with another Blood cancer in the name of DV Act , the act is so badly drafted , Indian family and Indian women will going towards a very very dangerous future .

Because a lot of Sanjay, a lot of Mrs. Aparna will safe guard them self before marrying a 498A Girl.

We wonder our LAW maker is really understood, Crime is Crime and the punishment should be Crime based instead of Gender Based.


Another step to Kill the Institution of marriage !!!

Yes this can happen only in India, where a whole sale free license available for Legal Terrorism, forget any punishment for that, there is no small warning for that.


Demand of Modern Suparnakhas !!

This happen only India , where age old , sick parents and pregent Sister goes to Jail without any investigation , Inspite of that they never ever stayed with their dishonest daughter – in –law .

498A the whole sale free license is available only in one country of the whole world, the Country name is INDIA.

So, are you married or getting married, Check 498A and DV act?

Money cn't buy Love - Legal terrorism in India.

Then decide want to support his legal terrorism or not!!!!!

Swarup Sarkar

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.

Thu Sep 22, 02:41:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Ajay said...


Nice to see the things written on the sites and boards to protect the families.
But may I know that what would all this help in.
Since everyone knows the things happening around but till date no results have comeup for the amendment of the law or to protect the rights of the males.

Can we expect the change in the law in near future for this?

Mon May 01, 04:28:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Blogger Jinesh Zaveri said...

Dear Ajay,

Thanks for writing and visiting the blog.

Just Imagine!!! If I would not have documented this, you would not have come across this site.

I chose to blog, like minded people did the same and then we started to grow. You may contact me on indianhusbands @ yahoo . com

There are plenty of such blogs, this is the least that we can do for the cause.

And next chapters have been automatically taking shape and are taking us further.

We now have a helpline too managed independently by us for Free.

Sat May 06, 01:45:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my case A DOWRY CASE has been registered on me and my family.




Thu Jan 15, 02:32:00 AM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

I myself was indirectly threatened by the girl's father with 498-A, and that too before marriage. He told me a story about someone else to make me aware about the consequences on my family and myself, if something wrong was to happen.

The result: We broke off the marriage. And now, I am thankful that I came to know about his family's nature before marriage itself.

Beware of dogs and girls!

Sun Feb 01, 04:33:00 AM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I, for the life in me, can't understand, why do men bother. Bother to date, have a relationship, and God forbid, marry women. A woman is absolutely as useless as car is for a lion.

498A, DV and other atrocious laws are only applicable when a man is married. No matter how gender biased the laws gets, no law can force a man to marry. It always the man who volunteers, mostly due to his maddening lust and some social manipulation.

I am an MGTOW. I personally, don't believe in MRA, which aims at educating men about laws and women in general. Say what? Men are notoriously stupid. They think with their dicks and while die because of it. Women are worthless waste of oxygen. Other than sex what can a women, so called good women, give a man? Nothing! Nothing good anyways. And if u r so sex hungry, why don't u use escort service.

I personally, live a life envied by other men. I take 2 foreign trips every year. Bangkok is a must for me, reasons obvious, lol. I quit my relatively high paying job so that I don't have to deal with vermin...eer...wimmins. I have my own business which only involves dealing with men. I am free to do whatever I want & whenever I want. I am not even rich. I don't waste a dime on women. See, life is very simple if u ask urself one question in every situation.

What question?


Good Luck


Fri Jul 31, 04:09:00 PM GMT+5:30  

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