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IPC Section 498-A: Misuse

Dedicated to the Victimised Indian Families, Who are falsely threatened & Blackmailed by the Indian Daughters-In-Law & her family members, and those Victimised families who are already falsely charged under the Section 498A. Its all about False charges of Dowry Law, Domestic Violence, Alimony, Marriage and Divorce. NOTE: All articles are my personal copyright. They may be republished if the source is acknowledged and a link provided to this site. This is not an Anti-Women Blog. Read Disclaimer.

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Women go to the police with a complaint (may be false), but the system provides to record that as a criminal complaint and that data adds in to the National Statistics of Crime Against Women. When male goes with a genuine complaint the police at max can record a Non Cognizable offence against the women. That will never reflect in the statistics. Then how will one guage crime against men? Every 100 Suicides in India have 63 Males and 37 Females. Every 100 male suicides have 45 married males, and every 100 women suicides have 25 married Women. Married women suicides have default arrests of the inlaws under presumed dowry death. Married men suicides entitle wife for a 50% share in property. What kind of equality is this? I thank you for visiting my blog, Please visit again. And I welcome you to participate on my Blog. [indianhusbands (at-the-rate) yahoo (dot) com]. Click here for Main Page

Monday, April 20, 2015


My Full Page, Front Page Article regarding 498a Misuse and Amendments (Dated 19.4.15).
Graphs Courtesy: https://standupforacause.wordpress.com/ and SFFDelhiBlog  websites.
Link of the Article on FreePressJournal Site.

Click on Pics for larger picture.

Link1 to the 498a support article
Link2 regarding 498a misuse.
Let there be no resistance on Genuine Laws.
Let there be no Denial on Misuse.
Let there be Amendments / Reviews to make all Laws FOOLPROOF.
Let us be Receptive.  Let us be Progressive.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Documentary on SIF, Mens Rights and Misuse of Laws.

A Short Documentary on SIF Movement made in to the Top 60 for Screening at "Yes! I am the change Film Festival" at Nehru Centre. Screening was done on 3rd October and MENS RIGHTS were mentioned by many speakers in their speech after the Screening along with 9 other documentaries on other Topic. 

Special Thanks to our Director Jaysh Gopi and his team members Tony Baker and his wife. And very Special Thanks to our Narasimha 'Amit Deshpande' for initiating and registering our group for this Competition. Also Thanks to all participants Chandan, Tariq, Bhakti, Nitin and Special thanks again to Hussain for co-ordinating apart from participating.

This documentary competition had a rule of understanding, shooting and presenting in 101 hours after randomly linking the Directors with NGOs. As a rule no Participating Documentary can go public till the competition is on hence the link is shared now after screening. 

The audience was stunned after watching this documentary suddenly after 5 documentaries on totally very popular topics like gifting a smile and conserving nature etc. There was a PIN DROP silence as i am sure all must be remembering 1 victim in their circle. Slowly we started clapping and it reached a crescendo.

At the end we were given a chance to address the audience. and the best part is the Director Confessed that he was a feminist before he met us. What he missed was the major chunk of activists who were busy at National Meet on 15, 16, 17 August 2013 at Nagpur. We told the audience about our meetings PAN india in parks and Suicide Stats.

For a CHANGE in this event the Audience Overwhelmingly Identified and accepted this ISSUE. 

The organiser Mr Madhusudan Aggarwal Hugged me when I handed him Mens Day Book and he told me that he was happy to know that such a movement is existing. 

Yes I remember those days of 2005-6 and now there has been a CHANGE in people towards this problem.

And this blog along with others used to quote Bapu telling to Be the Change that ones wishes to see in the world.

Still a Long Way to Go, But YES we have come a long way.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The F Clause of Indian Divorce: Making of an Evil's GOD.

The F Clause of Divorce: Irretrievable breakdown of Marriage

 The women wife empowerment movement has lost its direction and spirits in india, the parasitic approach towards husband has now become an integral ingredient in their DNA and another Frankenstein is in making.

After DV Act in 2005 and more so since 2010 the sanity of the entire clan supporting women empowerment is in question by neutrals too, as general public has felt the word overboard an ‘understatement’ when it comes to supporting women. The speculations are 13F clause of the divorce if passed, would entitle the wife to file for an unchallenged divorce under Irretrievable break down of marriage and get entitled for 50% of husband’s inherited property too apart from other incentives. Women already had 498a and 125 and DV act. 

One section wants to empower women, where women = only wife; as per their logic they have to become wives to get their ‘destined share of property’, and they continue to deprive them from their right in parental property which if implemented is actually a better solution.

Any intellect would agree that women should not be made to wait till they become wives to get their right in property of any kind. Just like a male child, they should be given equal share in their inheritance from her parents, this would solve all problems and burden of litigations on courts. She should be empowered when born irrespective of gender. This will make her empowered and independent from staying in an abusive relationship and also free her from remaining dependent on a relationship for survival.

Otherwise we are accepting the gender bias legally. The bill if passed as per the wishes of the myopic, prejudiced and insensitive feminists it would disturb the peaceful social pattern at large as the repercussions would be far more greater than the solution.

CAUTION: Now with desperate amendments like discretion left to Judge, the scenario is going to be worst. How can one ensure that the judge (after all a human) is not biased or influenced against the husband? A male judge may have sympathies or soft corner for wife and a lady judge will have prejudices against the male (as per the general misandrist trend). 

Who will question ‘the Judge’ in absence of machinery like LOKPAL? With such incomplete apparatuses are we getting ready for another disastrous Indian law against the family of husband? We will create GODs of EVIL like Hiranyakashyapu and Asuras who manipulated and took over the control over GOD by misusing the power GIFTED to him with good intentions. Here by giving power to the Judge who will have the control of manipulation.

Traditional Arguments like “all laws are misused and hence we cannot stop making laws” won’t be impressive and would be highly shameful and irresponsible statements by stalwarts. Rather have review clause in every law and study the misuse and loopholes with a fix date to ensure proper implementation.  Even men who are ignoring their rights and or are supporting adverse laws without homework will face the music one day or the other in near future. 

A root cause analysis would help us know that a girl child has to be empowered like a male child, right from her birth and not wait for her empowerment till she gets married. Otherwise we are just creating a record on paper and GOD OF THE EVIL in reality.

The F Clause seems to be blindly favoring FEMALES and Finishing Males.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Emotions of Males have no value. Most of the times they are not even considered to be existing and if they do, they are not respected and understood correctly. Hence, also often blamed on failure for not executing things well as they are never analyzed emotionally. There is generally a feeling of doing a favor on men while doing anything for them.

My elder senior colleague had witnessed me as a newly married husband, then a husband coping with the marriage, a struggling husband and a separated husband contemplating peaceful divorce. She was one of the rare persons who digged deep and made me speak out and feel light. She had gifted me one wonderful book "Why Men Don't Listen and Woman Can't read Maps".

Somedays back I was reminded of this BOOK and its Content Again. It was when, I stumbled upon TD Jakes' Video "Hemotions" while I was surfing for Joyce Meyers on youtube. Both of them have one thing in common and that is Sensitivity for Men as Human.

Pastor TD Jakes explains wonderfully about MAN and what the tip-of-the-tip-of-this iceberg is all about. He calls it HEmotions in one way.

Few Noteworthy Points in the "must see" powerful video, and some of them from the book and other observations of mine. 

Point 1: Men Suffer.

Point 2: Men talk straight to the point.

Point 3: Men don’t discuss when they are thinking.

Point 4: Men Suffer Silently and they readily don’t respond when they are asked about their problem.

Point 5: Men withdraw into their Mental Caves in search of introspection and solution. Men Stare and mentally process within while they appear to watch TV or play with their Gizmos or superficially engage in some activity or just stare blankly, this can be a very long process across days in search of a solution.

Point 6: Men are vulnerable, Men are Humans, they too have Emotions.

Point 7: V IMP: A) MEN are programmed to (measure) rate themselves by SCORES even emotionally, because they are programmed to participate in Playing, maintaining ranks etc. They are wired like that. This scoring pattern is all about being “at-par if not better” in scores on planes of Earnings, authority etc with everyone around right from colleagues, relatives or relations including spouse. So that the spouse genuinely admires them and not compromisingly.

B) With Spouse it also includes even scores of one’s PAST in personal relations (v imp), men are happy if their scores are better off or atleast EQUAL but NOT inferior. If they are personally satisfied with scores then proudly they would flatter their lady publicly. It is motivating for them to have better scores on personal front in majority of the cases. While outwardly they would happily admit they are inferior because inwardly they feel superior and secure. Remember they are competitive in analysis. 

If they feel inferior then they begin with fighting the situation and on realizing that damage cannot be undone, they quit. Coz they are warriors by heart and they like to WIN. If they hang around they are not settled they literally die of disease fighting mentally, coping up.

C) They may love their counterparts even while they are quitting. It is just that they’ve tried their very best to fight out and they are convinced that they too can’t handle it as humans. They too take time recuperating. They continue to suffer silently. Some lucky ones turn to god, others get into a counterproductive loop of addiction.

D) IMP: If they are unsuccessful in taking a flight trying to be a MAN or take too long to recover even after flight (quitting), they land up with diseases on the outward front- could be stress, anxiety, diabetes, blood-pressure etc; and they commit suicide or die early because of pressure, often labeled as work stressed. However death would be the ultimate flight and the real reasons on personal front would die with him most of the times and no one would know that they were emotionally stressed at personal front too as lesser know as humans and more as MEN.   

A "lot to write" but as of now….….WATCH THIS VIDEO that says ITS HARD TO BE A MAN. I feel it is even HARDER…..
Summary Video (must watch):

Detailed Video (must watch):

Thank You Pastor T D Jakes for this wonderful Sermon. (I cry and cry alot when I hear you, and feel you Understand).



Sunday, January 13, 2013

Belated Rape: A Legal Afterthought.

It is about being urban, it is about Delhi Rape, Some days back I saw a frustrated lot on a TV NEWS Channel accompanied with an emotional and overboard lot discussing the RAPE situation in India. A learned host said that the percentage of conviction rate was very low and he was echoed by one actress of yesteryears by telling the conviction has to go HIGH. This situation seemed semi-knowledged or Ignorant of a wider view (or maybe these people were ordered to say so) and therefore very catastrophic for the implementation and introduction of law in future. 

If i have to express in a total layman’s language, the conviction % can go higher with numbers of false complains going down. The same can go down with a Strict MISUSE CLAUSE which is absent. With a deterrent of misuse clause, false complains will go down and only the real complains would be registered and based on merits the conviction will take place thus improving the score. Now since the base figure is low with absence of false cases registered, the dilution of conviction percentage will not occur. All the talks till date has CONVENIENTLY IGNORED the MISUSE and have highlighted the stats citing example of one gruesome case. This is worrying, counterproductive and misleading. 

Rape is not a praiseworthy act, it deserves punishment. However IF RAPE is NOT committed but one of the partner is later accused as RAPIST based on convertible (mis)interpretations, then there is a serious flaw in the law. 

Sex is a Human need. And both Female and Male come under classification as humans. A consensual sex is a consensual sex and not RAPE. Women too enjoy sex. While teenage boys refer to porn, girls too read the erotics like Mills and Boons. It is all natural. Boys chase girls and so do Girls stalk boys in all age groups with variance in degrees. 

The introduction of a stricter new law is in demand with surrogate signatures in campaigns included and anger as an undercurrent, where a male would face castration or death sentence and RAPE would also get a one sided WIDER definition.  

Whereas courts also give respect to the choice of women to choose a partner post marriage (Manju’s case from Rajasthan- who left her husband and chose to stay with her lover with acceptance of court) and punishes only man in adultery. 

Also there are cases where women have filed impotency against husband citing physical dissatisfaction. It is established that sex is an important element in lives of women too. The fear is that in an overboard anger and excitement, one may create another law with a Major Bug that might leave misuse open like a 498a-406, 125 or DV Act. This reminded me of Sameer (Name Changed) who came with a similar case in SIF Meetings Mumbai. He was not charged of RAPE but yes he was coaxed in to casual physical relations by a lady slightly elder to him who then wanted him to pay her monthly maintenance through court under DV Act. 

With facts quoted in various journals that Women in her mid 30’s enjoy the peak of her sexuality like a teenage male. And the growing divorce rates along with living in and untabooing of consensual sex in the same age group, the misuse of law by misinterpretation cannot be ignored. Rape registered based on Conditional sex and backing out of false promise contributes to majority of the cases.

Just imagine when a lady just physically attracted to her male friend gets in to a safe unconditional casual sex (be it a one night stand or regular sessions) and later pursues him to marry her, taking him by an unpleasant surprise. On his obvious refusal she calls the intercourse in the past to be RAPE, (it is actually a RAPE of her male friend as the conditions are later laid down by her), had it been conditional before, the male would have never got in to the relation at first place. Hence this is NOT RAPE, IT IS A WELL PLANNED OR SPONTANEOUS AFTERTHOUGHT that legally favours woman, and traps the man.

I would call it as a BELATED RAPE and a LEGAL AFTERTHOUGHT. This is a great weapon of choice that is left to the women, to use it to leave it based on the opportunity. 

She would enjoy sex with him but keep her options open of marrying someone else with thicker pockets “too”.  If she finds a life partner then she may keep the former as a F***Buddy or may just move on. But if she falls in love with this FBuddy guy or gets NO one better than him, she may turn her no-strings-attached offer in to a legal trap of afterthought by announcing the physical relations to the common peers and now wanting to marry the man (ATM) or convert the Consensual Sex as a RAPE as a failsafe method of making her relationship public and legally pressuring the male. Mind You the emotionally overboard courtrooms have suggested the lady’s statement as a GOSPEL TRUTH.

Afterthought is taken as a bad idea in legal fraternity and often the arguments that fall under this category are not considered. But here it is a failsafe insurance policy for the perpetual powerful abla. As the demands are favouring to make the law strongly favour to permit the convenient interpretation of converting of consensual sex to RAPE.

It would be the biggest folly in waiting to be committed in the history if such laws are passed. It is now realised that even the Nisha Sharmas and her supporters can be charged of dowry demand case. Similarly the very people vehemently wanting to talibanise the law may fall victim of its misuse in near future. 

Like the SC Said i would agree. There is no need to make the law stringent rather the implementation has to be effective and i would add the law has to be Fool Proof. 

Else, Watch out. 

-Jinesh Zaveri.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Kind Attn: Justice Verma - Rape Charges can be FALSE TOO.

Dowry or Rape or Domestic Violence is an offense and should be dealt with strictly.  But Never an Innocent should be punished. Putting False charges is an Equally Heinous offense.

It happens everytime but it is ignored. We had dowry problems,  we made a stringent law with NO MISUSE CLAUSE. The same was the case for Maintenance and Domestic Violence.

Now its turn for RAPE where surrogate signatures are presented to Justice Verma Committee. 

But what would happen in cases as shown below. How will the law take its course.  Will the damage be done like its done in 498a with preliminary arrests and Humiliation?Ironically its Aamir Khan's Clip again, But it is difficult in real life to deal with such situations... and with New Victim Proof Rape Law in Demand such cases too would increase. Shield would be again used as weapon.

A Strict Clause of Misuse of Law will solve all the problems of Misuse. This will lead to Lower filing of False cases and thus increase conviction rate as the base figure of numbers of cases reported would be genuine. 

Good Boy Good Boy !!! Whats you gonaa do ? whats you gonna do when she comes to you?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sexual Harassment Bill at Workplace remains Unsafe for Men.

Protection of women at work place from sexual harassment. It is a good idea prima facie but the concerns are how well will it be executed?
A group of SIF activists including Arnab Ganguly and Niladri Dasgupta took the lead in presenting the loop holes of Sexual Harassment at workplace bill at Rajya Sabha. Somedays back the bill got finally passed in the Lok Sabha. The question remains on how will this empowerment be treated by the misusers. And how will the misusers be treated as the misuse clause is not sharp enough and is arguably protecting the misusers in a surrogate manner. Because it is not Gender Neutral and is not stringent on the Misuses. Even Pakistan has a Gender Neutral Law in place is what a Press release by Virag Read. The Indian bill is NOT Gender Neutral.
Will the equation on application of Law continue to remain the same?  That is…
1.    Noble Intentions behind making a law.
2.    Application of law by Motivated Unscrupulous Audience by virtue of failsafe misuse of law.

Will the real victims actually use it? And will the Misusers be prevented from misusing it?
My Parents knew one Pannalal Sir (Name Changed), he was associated with a Gujarati School in North Mumbai in 70’s; his work was well appreciated and was the natural claimant to take over the post of the Retiring Principal then. Suddenly he lost his job and was charged of attempt to sexual assault by one of his lady colleague.  Some days later his lady colleague succeeded on that post. Pannalal Sir and that lady shared some differences at professional level and all knew Pannalal Sir was a victim of this ambitious rivalry from his lady colleague who managed the filmy scene of a lady running out with a torn blouse from Sirs table when there was no one.  We all know he is innocent but with no scope of medical test in such case, till date the charges with no witness and proof apart from the torn blouse and the lady’s testimony are constant. Sir is no more but the scar is still there.
Now in such cases that we see we have to take care of the laws, that are framed. They should be POTENT enough to help the victims and safe enough in not breeding new victims by its misuse, irrespective of its gender.
Sexual Harassment can be planned on MALE and so can be its misuse. Misuse of Sexual Harassment at Workplace law is not new. It has been misused since ages to diffuse a man. Be it A BHISHMA who had to face Shikhandi a eunuch in its present birth and a lady who loved bhishma in her previous birth. On the other hand, VishKanyas were used as poisonous ladies to charm and kill the king of enemy troop. 
But one excellent example of Sexual Harassment at Work Place to diffuse the Goal of a Man at work was VISHWAMITRA V/S MENAKA. 
Vishwamitra Seduced by Menaka
Vishwamitra’s Meditation was disturbed by a well planned coup to prevent him from becoming invincible and CEO of a parallel swarg, where he lost his 10 years in his intense love for the uninvited Menaka, who seduced him by allowing her clothes to be blown off by wind. However Vishwamitra had powers to curse the apsara’s which he did to both Menaka and later Rambha. 
But the Current Bill of Sexual harassment at workplace does not have a potent misuse clause, as it is to be applied by only women and it seems more of a formality with no Fear of Permanent effects of Misuse. Hence there is a scope of improvement in upgrading the quality of bill.
To be more clear I would say that if the lady is not able to prove her charges it MAY NOT be taken as a misuse. So Pannalal sirs of the world will remain scarred for lifetime. Be it Micheal Douglas of Disclosure against Demi Moore or Akshay Kumar of Aitraaz against Priyanka Chopra. Unless otherwise in real life these heroes will remain villains in the eyes of the society.

And in regular days we see such cases of regular male sexual harassment at work place reported only in sexpert columns because the bill is only for Women and machinery for men in legal framework remains a Castle in the Air.  

If a lady were to be forced in the above case by a man then it would have been a statistic of Sexual Harassment at workplace.
Men continue to be Legally Challenged…
Jinesh Zaveri.