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IPC Section 498-A: Misuse

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

But how Hindu was that Marriage?

The 7 Vows taken during hindu marriage are never taken in to any consideration for the entire phase of the relation. The vows taken are so complete in itself that if one follows it religiously then it is a success formula.
Again there would be as usual 4 combination. (Also read http://indianhusbands.blogspot.com/2005/08/498a-made-for-sita-but-surpanakhas-are.html for previous details and comments)

Combination 1: If the boy is like Ram and girl like Sita: Here the vows taken are followed and the marriage is success. No need of any marriage act or whatever.

Combination 2: Boy is like Rakshash and girl like Surpanakha: It would be teri bhi chup and meri bhi chup

Combination 3: Boy like Ravan and girl like Sita: There are very genuine laws that help sita.

Now comes the Combination 4: Boy like Ram and Girl like Surpanakha: Ram would follow all the vows and supanakha won’t.
Since there is a breach of Vows, by the girl, trouble arises and then it is decided that the marriage may be dissolved but then suddenly comes that hindu marriage act, In this unhindu combination and would blindly give facilites to the hindu bride.

But my question is “how ‘Hindu’ was that marriage?” And how hindu was the bride in her code of conduct? Why aren’t these things taken into consideration completely or at all? In other words the bride says “I would never live the hindu way, that is ancient thinking”, she would give examples of west with non hindu practices glorified (Like neha’s 1st comment on my blog on sita-surpanakha article)recommended to come out of clichés and prototypes, as a result you want to part, then suddenly she gets blind support as an ideal Hindu bride. Why not have guts then to accept the divorce in a modern and independent way. Is it hindu to file a 498A or lie in front of the judicial force?

It seems, It’s the filmi perception of the act of 7 drills around the fire that is taken in to consideration to enforce a hindu marriage act in isolation. And not the Vows.

Let us find out about the vows taken during a hindu marriage, that are neglected while handling a hindu divorce case.

Religious Definition of Hindu Marriage
7 rounds have a symbolic representation for both Bride and the Groom in its own ways.

For Boy (These are mostly the external factors that influence the family by virtue of the male role in the family)

Round 1: Ish ekpadi Bhava
This First step is to ensure that he feeds his family
Vow: 1. We will share the responsibilities of the house, food and finance together. May God bless us with children and may they have long lives

Round 2: Urje dvipadi Bhava
This Second step is for his strength for the family
Vow: You are only my beloved wife. I will love you and only you. I give commitment will provide strength and courage to you, my wife, always.

Round 3: Raisyoposhai tripadi Bhava
This Third step is for the wealth for the family
Vow: The third step is for the growth of prosperity and wealth, and to educate their children
Round 4: Mayobhaviyay chaturshpadi Bhava
This Fourth step is for the Happiness and peace for the family
Vow: In the fourth step he thanks his wife for bringing auspiciousness and sacredness in his life.

Round 5: Prajabh’yaha panchmadi Bhava
This Fifth step is for the kids in the family
Vow: In the fifth step may the Goddess Mahalaxmi (Deity of Prosperity) make us prosperous and God bless us.

Round 6: Rutubh’yaha shastpadi Bhava
This sixth step is for good seasons
Vow: In the sixth step the groom promises the bride that he will fill her heart with great joy and peace, time and time again

Round 7: Sakha Saptapadi Bhava
This seventh step is for the divine bond of friendship between the husband and wife
Vow: This is the last and final step. Here the groom tells his bride that as you have walked seven steps with me you have made our love and friendship firm and inseparable. Now you have become mine and I offer my total self to you. May our marriage successfully last forever.
These responsibilities from the side of the groom are such that even after divorce he keeps on feeding the lady irrespective of her vows. Interesting further is the part of the Bride. And I have also narrated the actual facts that we get to hear in real life against each Vow.

For Girl (These are mostly the Internal factors that influence the family by virtue of the female role in the family)

Round 1: Sukh Dukhani sarvani tvayasaha vimjayate; yatr tvam tanduham tantra prathame sa brabididdum.
Vow: The vow is that all the moments of joy and struggle would be shared equally by the bride, and where ever and whatever be the condition of the husband the bride would be always there by his side and be just like one of his.

Violation: When it comes to joy she wants it all. When sorrow, rather than taking our side, she would talk about how well her sister and brother in law are managing or may be her dad, or her friends or neighbors etc. In other words she is a spectator critic and not a participant.

Round 2: Kutumbam Rakshayishyamya-BalVrudhkadiddum; Asti nastiti pashchaymi dvitiye sa brabididdum
Vow: I take responsibility for safeguarding all the family members right from the smallest kid to the eldest senior. The acceptance of family is obvious here.

Violation: In contrast the girl wants to first get rid of a joint family or the old parents. Safeguarding is ridiculed infact even by law. The girl effectively threatens to falsly implicate IPC Section 498A on the entire hindu joint family, and in good numbers she does so.

Round 3:
Bhatrubhaktirta nityam sadaiva priyabhashini, bhavisyami padey chaiva trutiye saa brabhididdum
Vow: My devotion to you my beloved will be unperturbed and I will decorate your life with my sweet language.

Violation: But in reality She calls the guy Fool (Bewakuf), or even Impotent (Namard) if he does not speak for her against his parents. Also keeps on saying "sab ko jail mein daal dungi" (Will put you all behind bars) "Dhajjiya udda doongi" She dares the family because of the loopholed law.

Round 4: Aarte Aarta Bhavishyami Sukhdukhsambhavini; Tavagna palishyami kanya turyapadedabrebit
Vow: Your Pain is my Pain in any department and so is your Happiness; I shall follow all your orders.

Violation: she needs costly materials like jewelry, furniture, etc irrespective of her husbands’ capacity. Further Sunday has to be her day out irrespective of a tiring week of the husband. Following orders is impossible she would rather order not only the husband but also arrogantly order her parents-in-law.

Round 5: Rutukale Suchisasanatta Kridishyami tvaya saha; Naha parantar gachcheh kanya pashkshepadedbrebit
Vow: During the right phase I would rightly inform you and have only you as my partner for physical relationship. And I would not indulge with any stranger.

Violation: If the husband is not able to fulfill her material needs she would blackmail him by flirting with a stranger. And the husband is helplessly watching and pretending to be a stranger to the whole situation. She would also see to it that she confesses to her now obviously jealous husband about her encounters, counsels him and asks to take it lightly. She would emotionally blackmail the husband by flirting with another wealthy guys, thus enjoying saddist pleasure and causing pain to the guy.

Round 6: ihath sakshi vishnusatvayadaham naiva vakshichta; Ubhayoha, Preetiha, sambhuta kanya sashatepadebrebit
Vow: In witness of Lord Vishnu I swear that I have not fooled you and haven’t kept you in dark about anything; with this confession I pledge we are now in a wedlock.

Violation: Ha! The fact is she is right now fooling Lord Vishu too! She tells some days after her marriage certain truths like her lost affair with her boss, her broken engagement etc.

Round 7: Homyagnadikaryeshu bhavamicha sahayani; dharmarth kam karyeshu kanya saptapadedbrabit.

Vow: O my lord, in all acts of righteousness (Dharma), in every form of enjoyment, and in those divine acts such as fire sacrifice, worship and charity, I promise you that I shall participate and I will always be with you.

Violation: Here the money is asked only for massage parlour visit, Costly jewelry, or for a kitty party. And on Dharma, when a guy wants to observe certain rules like qutting onion potatoes in monsoon as advised in Jainism or follow any religious practices and in vaishnav religion the girl ridicules and label as cliches and prototype.

So my dilemma is when the girl never lived her marriage in a hindu way, then why at all should it be enforce on a boy as hindu marriage facilitating the bride. Who is unfit under hindu practices.

So what is so hindu in this attitude of the bride?
Should the Hindu marriage act be enforceable on this relationship?
Shouldn’t the religious vows of the respective religions, be considered in law during imposing sections like 498A ?

Don’t you think we need a change in scenario?

Please comment

Jinesh Zaveri


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger CruiserDeep said...

Just a questionnaire based on the 7(each) vows would make oneself realise if he/she is ready for marriage. Counselling too could be inspired from these vows, which have cpatured the essence and requirements of a fruitful companionship and journey together, so as to give out something to the world too.

Nice work, keep it going

Sun Sep 25, 06:14:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Blogger Swarup said...

Will our Indian Feminist group will accept this ???

Indian feminist means doing legal terrorism , they want every think with out taking any responsibility .

And for this i would blame to men only , as they dont belive to support a Modern Sita , Modern Ram or Modern Laxman Activity .

Again the same question arises , Is there any Laxman is there to save Modern Sita or Only Modern Ravans are there to support Modern Suparnakhs ??

Our LAW maker does not want to give a comfortable life to indian women , that is the reason they teach to Modern Suparnakhsa to earn the money in dishonest way .

As a result the history wittness , terrorism can not give us the freedom , the same thing happening to Indian Feminist , they think they can achieve the Women empowerment by terrorism , but in fact they are harming thier own freedom as people find the alternate path to tackel this terrorism in the form of Violence , Rape , Murder , Bride Burning .. this will further increse as i say terrorism is not the patch to achieve the freedom .

Sun Sep 25, 06:37:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Blogger Bharati said...

Our Indian Feminists will fight against our concept of Crim eis crime irerespective of gender . But who says we SIFians lack sense of humour
try this story for some comic relief.

Sun Sep 25, 08:04:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Blogger Swarup said...

Jinesh , where is your first article link . The link to be made available in this article , so that those are interested can go to your previous article sita/suparnakhs and go thorugh all the coment .

Request to add the same , in betseen some where preferably in first few lines .

Mon Sep 26, 10:51:00 AM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Mon Sep 26, 03:26:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Gope Lalwani said...

The seven vows taken during Hindu marriage in the marriage ceremony are promises and solemn agreement of marriage contract for the entire phase of married relationship.
Families,Relatives,Guests, Invites and Baratis etc; are all witnesses to said agreement.

In case of Divorce proceedings the causes for disagreement are analysed and determined and the agreement terminated.
Alimony, Maintenance, Mehr etc; is granted in lieu of termination
of marriage contract entered into marriage ceremony. (called Saptpadi in Hindu marriage )

By lodging complaint on the instigation of UN- scrupulous
feminists and participating in 498A proceedings the woman is culprit of violating, abusing and breaking duly executed solemn agreement called Saptpadi in Hindu marriage.
( In Muslim marriage woman repeats," Shadi Manzoor Hai"
Three times)

These practises of vows, promises, ceremonies and solemn
agreements are observed and are good for Christian, Muslim,
Civil and all the marriages all around the world. There are no such draconian laws like 498A any where in the world except India.

These shameless women using 498A for ulterior motives need
to be legally and socially prosecuted and persecuted.for
violating, dishonouring solemnly made vows, promises and agreement. They must be made to suffer social stigma. After all they are called ARDHANGNI in Hindu philosophy. The poison they inject on the other side should reach to their side

With Government sponsored "TERRORIST LAW 498 A" there is no Hindu marriage as it's sanctity has been neutralised.

Mon Sep 26, 04:19:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Blogger Daniel/Rose said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my site. Appreciate it. If you have friends whom you think might need a break out of the cycle of poverty... this might be something that would interest them.

Anyway, thanks again.

Best regards!

"Wealth and poverty is not the presence or absence of money or things, it is a state of the heart. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he."

Mon Sep 26, 10:38:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Blogger Listen Kindley said...

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Mon May 08, 04:18:00 AM GMT+5:30  
Blogger Swarup said...

Jinish , your this artile inspired me to write the article:
21st Century Indian Wives, What’s the trouble??

Yeha taste is different and the logic says , a nagin wife will never ever get any punishment for thier crime.

Sat Oct 14, 03:11:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Cruise said...


Wed Nov 01, 01:22:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never better said- however- I wonder if anyone notices that there are no vows as regards to parents and in-laws....
and that is where most hindu marriages fail these days...either side gives undue respect to his/her own parents even going to the extent of humiliating the other ...or bothe sets of parents fighting....
Even if both partners are earning and contributing equally, love each other- the love gets lost in their roots...

Tue Dec 04, 10:27:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Blogger Jinesh Zaveri said...

Round 2 & 3 includes this by wife.

Wed Dec 05, 09:59:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sorry but this is a misinterpretation for a guy's benefit. Hindu laws don't discriminate on this basis. How can it be equal in all other respects and give more for the parents here only....
My personal experience says that the marriage fails because of exactly these demands- "forget your parents and think of only mine" ... I think both should be respected equally by both parties at least in their duties... If the girls parents need shelter there is no need to push it on her brothers but to accept the responsibility and vice versa too- a girl doesnt have the right to deny shelter to her in-laws.

Thu Dec 06, 12:44:00 AM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I appreciate your stand my friend. But visualise a scenario where a girl shares a wonderful rapport with in laws, is qualified and doing very well in her career in constanantly tortured mentally, physically, emotionally by the husband.. Has been bearing all this for the sake of her child, parents in laws even after 8 yrs of marriage . She brings home more money than husband where it is put in joint account, cannot spend even a penny without the consent of husband...dont you think in that case this act can come handy... please advice...

Wed Oct 29, 04:32:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good article, however, i think you have gone overboard. there was an era when women liberation was needed. i believe, in this modern world, man and woman can live happy together only if there is equality. god created human beings, we are two different genders but still the creatures of god. isn't it sensible for either side to accept each other as individuals and start from basics rather than i am your husband and you behave life my wife or i am you wife but i have legal right and so on........ the crap never ends.

in majority, problem arises when either girl or boy wants her or his parents to get priority, which is not justified. it is not possible to forget one's parents so why to believe and try that it will ever happen. better is two give independence, love, respect and space to breath to one's spouse.

hundreds of years have passed, human race has developed so much but issue of who is superior, MAN OR WOMAN continues.

why are we wasting time, energy and our lives.

Sat Apr 04, 04:10:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Blogger venkatesh said...


Thanks for the valuable info provided by you. I am also a good citizen of India, Hyderabad.

I think I am the most recent victim of this 498A.

I have lost my job because of this.( branch manager in a Ltd Co.)

I have lost lot of money.

I have lost my wife, and two kids

I have lost my dignity.

I have lost lot of tears.

I have lost my self confidence and what not......( even my eyes are pouring tears )

I was beaten by police for the first time in my 35 years of life.

I was beaten by my wife's relatives , roudies etc..

I promise on God that I have not taken even a single pie as dowry when I was married to this lady 10 years back.

I never demanded any kind of dowry. I even tell people not to trouble in-laws. In fact, I have sent lot of money orders to my in-laws which is my hard earned money.

They are cheats, they not only beaten my body but they hurt my mind and soul.

I am not understanding how to proceed against them. Police have understood my case and they did not register it but they advised and warned my wife to live with me as good wife and hubby.

Dear Satya,

Even now my wife is staying away from me and she is keeping my kids in a very bad situation.

Pl advise me and guide how to

Get back my children

To take divorce from this lady and his relatives

To take revenge for spoiling my 10 years of valuable life

About me

I am district level

9 th ranker in my 5th standed,

2 nd ranker in 7th standed,

I am a state level

15 th ranker in my 10 std

1st ranker in my intermediate

I was a leader in my class, school and colleges.

There is no even which I did not touch being excellent in academics like NCC, Scout, games, sports,science fairs, quiz,essay writing,debate,Hindi and English and Sanskrit language tests,

I am having all the certificates apart from UNO and UNESCO appreciaion certificates.

These people do not understand all these but they want money that too in the form of cash.

Request to help me in this regard


9291405093 ( presently stolen by them ).

Tue Oct 13, 11:43:00 AM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Hindu marriage system there is no divorce at all. thats the meaning of the vows..till death do us apart. it shud definitely come from both partners otherwise its like an unkept agreement and selfishness rules from either parties. it s pain because wives and husbands perceive each other as not themselves (again meaning of the vows) but 'others' who r after their money! women have been coping this for ages and in ages to come, men will, unfortunately. HISTORY REPEATS! probably anti clockwise!!

Sat Sep 04, 05:01:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jinesh... I think the world is a changing place. Change is inevitable.
India is changing... I won't call it being westernized, but definitely changing.
A women wants security & protection from her husband.. hence they have lots of expectations from her husband. She wants her husband to be strong, secured etc. This is because she wants her offspring to be better off. Same with Man, he wants a beautiful (Healthy) offspring. This is science..
In India we mix this science with sociology. Indian people in the olden days would marry as per their parents wish.. and girl wouldn't be educated, hence won't know anything and would either live happily or with compromise. And in those days girls would be strong physically.

But today we have girls who are educated and Independent... still they won't marry someone who is earning less than her.. or who cannot make her feel secured. This is again due to evaluation. So she marries the Mr. Right guy with lots of expectations. And during the courting time... things are hot... they give time to each other.. give love etc.. everything seem perfect.

Then after marriage and time, life becomes routine. Man works to get a better future etc... and spends less time with her wife... The problem could start from here. Women thing from heart and men from brain. Women would want to go to movie.. but would never express it directly and men fail to recoganize these needs because these would be expressed in term of puzzles.

When things gets even worse.. she would start feeling insecure... as her husband isn't giving her time and attention (Remember every girl dreams of Rajkumar)
And when she is insecure... she would try and speak on this to someone .. and this is where things could go completely wrong.

The person on whom she confides, could be giving her wrong clues and filling her mind with poison.

In the west.. people date.. and also they would livin together.. for a certain period of time.. and if they find each other compatible.. they will get married... Besides there they have huge numbers of counsellers to help them out. In India.. every individual is a psychiatrist, doctor, etc etc.. who all would love to give free advise. This is where all the issues would start.

I am not saying all dowry harrasment cases are false/geniune. But what I am saying is that @least 50% of the cases could be solved by counselling. As for remaining 50% cases... I would recommend them to use professional help. Use a good Lawyer. Use detective to get proof etc.

-- Ciao ... Anon ... (riyfkm@rediffmail.com)

Fri Mar 25, 12:41:00 AM GMT+5:30  
Blogger Rajesh said...

Its Very Good Platefrom To Aware All The Prson In Our Rules Keep It UP.

Fri Apr 22, 02:44:00 PM GMT+5:30  

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