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IPC Section 498-A: Misuse

Dedicated to the Victimised Indian Families, Who are falsely threatened & Blackmailed by the Indian Daughters-In-Law & her family members, and those Victimised families who are already falsely charged under the Section 498A. Its all about False charges of Dowry Law, Domestic Violence, Alimony, Marriage and Divorce. NOTE: All articles are my personal copyright. They may be republished if the source is acknowledged and a link provided to this site. This is not an Anti-Women Blog. Read Disclaimer.

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Women go to the police with a complaint (may be false), but the system provides to record that as a criminal complaint and that data adds in to the National Statistics of Crime Against Women. When male goes with a genuine complaint the police at max can record a Non Cognizable offence against the women. That will never reflect in the statistics. Then how will one guage crime against men? Every 100 Suicides in India have 63 Males and 37 Females. Every 100 male suicides have 45 married males, and every 100 women suicides have 25 married Women. Married women suicides have default arrests of the inlaws under presumed dowry death. Married men suicides entitle wife for a 50% share in property. What kind of equality is this? I thank you for visiting my blog, Please visit again. And I welcome you to participate on my Blog. [indianhusbands (at-the-rate) yahoo (dot) com]. Click here for Main Page

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Contradictions Galore

I fininshed reading one of my favorite books, 7 Habits of Highly effective people by Stephen Covey Some 2 years back.

As per the instructions in the book, I started sharing the text with my other half by reading it aloud, for me it was like a prelude to a foreplay ;). But according to my other half- the perception problem of mine over took me everytime I tried reading the book aloud. She used to tell me “Bewakuf, You think I do not know all these? Women today are capable of standing on their own Feet”

Well, now I can arguably say that these thinkers do not fit in to covey’s style too, they ridicule every time they some across such school of thought.

Covey Talked 4 Situations (1) Win:Win (2) Win:Lose (3) Lose:Win (4) Lose:Lose

A prologue to this were explained by covey in 3 situations
A) Dependence B) Independence C) Interdependence

A & B are rated below par by Covey. And situation C is Ideal to be highly successful in life.

Our Shastras also say this too, that the departments of life are indoors and outdoors. Outdoors are taken care by the man and Indoors by the wife. But this basic, is challenged in the modern world and hence success formula of a happy marriage is falling apart. Now, women may work, and I am not denying (it is the essence of the nation according to gandhi- and according to me if it is sans 498A rule:D) . Only thing is the perception should be well balanced by both the parties.

Financial independence is seen as success by women, but this independence soon gets on their head in a relationship where the relationship rips apart suddenly. Now in some cases the women adopt to situation A that is of dependence. They would now act to be dependent in front of their ex-husbands and thus misuse the alimony law.Why? I really do not know. The country where great women like Jijabai, Rani Laxmibai and Indira Gandhi were born, why are we getting in to a pseudo shell of abla dependence?

I come from a family, that once blindly supported Indiraji and Rajivji. But, now Indira Gandhi will always be remembered by me as the Mother of the Infamous IPC Section 498A. Indiraji had a famous quote that talked about Win:Win That was
“You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.” (quote of the week)
then why did she encourage such poorly drafted Law with loopholes and no back up plan for protection of victims?

This mantra of shaking hands have been a super hit in my other departments of life. But in marriage department, many sons of Indiraji’s Indian soil have been a doom because of the loopholes. That does not support the very saying of Indiraji.

Young Indiraji, proudly burnt her doll, because it was not an Indian make. Then why are we adopting unsuccessful western formulas while in wedlock like financial independence over total interdependence (which is successful and ancient) and later after separation the women acts dependent sitting at home? Infact she should be happy then that she is independent and continue working.

Views Invited,

Jinesh Zaveri.


Blogger Rebel said...

The fundamental essence of Feminist is tit-for-tat. They believe that so far women were at the receiving end (which is outright myth) so now men must be at the receiving end. When women began to explore her sexuality, they also unknowingly formed a ego that could very well destroy their motherly instincts. This ego itself induced them to be competitive and stronger than men.
First, the question of competition does not arise. But, women's ego has reached to such a level that whatever men will do, they will think that men are trying to dominate/control them.
It is just like a promise given to the kid by parents that after completing homework, he/she can go out to play. Here the play of these women are creating a havoc in the society. Women don't have such a brain that on-the-table talk with them will settle all the issues. A lot of events, incidents will take place and only after that women will begin to realise that battle between the genders will take them no where.

Mon Oct 31, 12:11:00 AM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'The best way to defend is Attack' is the bottom line of 498a. Instead of eliminating a Dowry curse from our social rituals,a new legal curse has been induced. In near future, only body relations will exist and soul relations will be desired and dreamt. The first looser will be society, Secondly the Women and lastly the next generation. I didn't mentioned Gents as they are non-considerd members legaly.

Mon Oct 31, 02:26:00 PM GMT+5:30  

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