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IPC Section 498-A: Misuse

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Women go to the police with a complaint (may be false), but the system provides to record that as a criminal complaint and that data adds in to the National Statistics of Crime Against Women. When male goes with a genuine complaint the police at max can record a Non Cognizable offence against the women. That will never reflect in the statistics. Then how will one guage crime against men? Every 100 Suicides in India have 63 Males and 37 Females. Every 100 male suicides have 45 married males, and every 100 women suicides have 25 married Women. Married women suicides have default arrests of the inlaws under presumed dowry death. Married men suicides entitle wife for a 50% share in property. What kind of equality is this? I thank you for visiting my blog, Please visit again. And I welcome you to participate on my Blog. [indianhusbands (at-the-rate) yahoo (dot) com]. Click here for Main Page

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Marital Rape

They say opposites attract, and then they get married.

Moreover, Girls could cry it out and gain attention. Guys know only how to laugh it out on themselves, and get reduced to a laughing stock in spite of all the pain which only they know. That is why inspite of so much of berating and 'badnami' still we guys are surviving since centuries.

Here, I would like to share with you all, my chat with my good phono-friend, who had called up some days ago to say hi. His name is Akhil and we were talking about the ridiculous aftermath of Marital Rape.

We busted out into laughter when we concluded that we will have to maintain a Sex Log Journal for having sex with our partners in future. And every time take an undertaking before having sex that the indulgence was voluntary and not forced, if possible take a signature of witnesses. Just in case if your wife decides to lie the log book with signature and undertaking would come to rescue. This will avoid the misuse of the law.

I feel the safety level of operation is better with the contract workers. At least a dispute may be forcible under a law of contract and not stories said by a good looking liar. But again who wants to go to them, I don't and I won't. And with such creatures on the other hand who have tempting laws by their side one should rather become a Sanyasi.

Jokes, :D I also now realise that in some western movies (it must be because of laws) that I see characters having sex in their houses but with open curtains accessible to peeping toms. Now I feel it makes sense in those countries where marital rape is enforceble, may be you never know which witness may come to your rescue. :D
Why have so much of pampering under law? Rather have all of them educated in the right sense instead of such jolting aftermaths.

So, What do you feel?

Please comment.

Jinesh Zaveri.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ROTFL !! Jinesh

So you have to maintain many a"log" book

- one before marriage stating that you did NOT take dowry

- one daily !!!, stating that you did NOT beat her / treat her cruely etc..

- one before sex - you have the details in the original post!!

- may be one AFTER sex ?? to state that you didn't do it wrong !!





Wed Oct 26, 04:30:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Blogger Rebel said...

You are saying that men laugh it off on their suffering and don't cry like women. Are you implying that men are more stronger then women ? Of course yes. Its so easy to cry and gain sympathy which women have specialised. But to silently suffer inside and keep a smile on the face is a trait of a courageous and brave man. Unfortunately, women organisation who are recommending such biased laws are forgetting the fact that a woman is "Nothing" without a man. She is as good as a void; a hole.(wink)
There is always a man behind every successful woman (extortion). There is always a woman behind a suffering man.

Thu Oct 27, 12:05:00 AM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
I like Log books

Imagine an entry like this

Day: Sunday XX/XX/XXXX
Time: 10:00 AM
X and Y get up late. After
heavy brunch of Batata-Poha,
we get cosy again and we start passionately kissing each other.
Soon, clothes are flung out in the air. I produces a log book and
records time & date and get her to
sign it while she is moaning in pleasure.

Then as stories go, centuries old task started and finished before
peeping tom across the house had chance to turn on his video camera.

Your honor!!! Hence this is
not a rape as alleged by Y now


Thu Oct 27, 04:00:00 AM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Rebel

Men are stronger than women only physically. Women are much stronger
than men emotionally.

Men has high level of threshold for physical pain outside. Men
is taught by society to not show
his pain.

Women has high level of threshold for physical pain inside. Women
are not inhibited by society

Thu Oct 27, 04:08:00 AM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Friend said...

Publish a list of do's and do not's for the Indian male, and publish/post/paste it every where.

Thu Oct 27, 09:18:00 AM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Friend
Just kidding. List of do's and do not's for Indian male ? In that case, Jinesh will have to spend his whole life in preparing that list. The list is infinite, never ending if you are an Indian male.


Thu Oct 27, 09:19:00 AM GMT+5:30  
Blogger 498A_Victim said...

In india women can deny SEX to husband without reason, coz she has reasons to deny, as per our indian law. but man has no reason to deny sex to his wife, that crime, in indian laws eyes.

coz indian law thinks man is stronger sex. Even wife rape man, that not RAPE,if a man has sex with wife,still she can sue her husband with RAPE.

Thats indian Laws STEP-MOTHER policy.


Sat Oct 29, 12:43:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came to this website because I am with a man who went through all you are describing on this website. I am doing my best to stand by his side. To dry his tears and just be there. My heart is crying you and I do hope you find a woman you can trust one day and somehow get over this pain. Not all Indian women are this way. I myself went trough an abusive marriage before. I did not get a single cent from my ex and he does not care at all about his child. So I now live alone, take care of my child and managed to build a life for us. Those cases also still do exist. I feel we are in the same boat and I refuse to see this as a war of gender. It should rather be against those fraudelent and greedy people.
I am an Indian woman and all I seek in a husband is that we can build a life together. I am seeking mutual love, trust and respect. Somebody I can share my deepest thoughts with and would love to share his too. I know this is not too much I am asking and I sure know men as well as women are seeking the same.

Mon Oct 31, 05:30:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good that I found somewhere to discuss this topic. A wife can claim a rape if she is forced to have sex, however if men don't have sex with wife within three days of marriage(as quoted by law, if a marriage is not consumated within three days of marriage) it stands null and void. Again, if we go on to file for a divorce, its always that we would be parting away with 50% of what we own. And if a woman goes ahead and does so, anyways its men's fault and again she parts away with 50% of what we have. What rationale do these lawmakers have here??

Thu Jul 17, 02:11:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Anonymous Abbas said...

Any injustice to any human being cannot be tolerated - man or woman. The injustice can be rape, forced sex, assault, etc. But please do not make any laws favouring either sex. The marital rape offense should not be cognisable. There should be penalty for perjury too. Please punish only the guilty - PLEASE do not assume guilt and then put the burden of proof on the accused like in 498A.

Sun Aug 31, 03:56:00 AM GMT+5:30  

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