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IPC Section 498-A: Misuse

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Freedom of Speech, eh?

Mr. Chidambaram called it Freedom of speech on Khushboo issue. In other words, license to speak.

My question is why is no one talking of “Responsibility” in freedom? In other words if I have a license to posses a gun does that mean I can shoot anyone?

I recognize the very vigilance of our country, in once taking away voting rights of a supremo for 6 years, because he made some comments that were provocative according to a small faction of people and the ban was successfully imposed. Then why spare and pretend sleep when the comment is having a scope of misinterpretation and misleading a young generation which is still in a fragile state of mind on topic like sex.
Also as a hindu, I would urge those boys/girls who follow the 'okay attitude' on pre-marital sex, be deprived of a Saptpadi Marriage and also the hindu marriage act; as the girls are violating the 7th Vow from saptpadi point of view. Here she confesses to the groom that she is chaste and has never committed any such sin; she admits to the groom with Lord Vishnu as the witness. And similarly the boy promises the girl in his 2nd Vow. Also the etiquettes of 'Ek Patni Vrat' of Ram Rajya cannot be forgotten by the boys.

Okay, if this is what freedom of speech is, then look what happens when they talk with freedom and without responsibility. (Right click-new window)

1. Daughter falsly accuses father rape at Bhayander (near Mumbai) Mid-day Link

2. Mom Forces Daughter to accuse father of False Rape Charges, to settle her personal scores. TOI Link Supreme court was fooled by this lady when she challenged the the innocence of her husband as declared by High Court. and

3. the Khushboo Controversy
all of the above proves that they are not ablas as perceived by texts.

Sania Mirza is an excellent example of the impact of such statements on the minds of youth. She first got influenced of Okay Attitude and later, Khuda came to her rescue as 'Insha Allah' good sense prevailed. She is not at fault at this age is such that it causes confusion and loss of direction on values if let loose.
This is what I am trying to stress as far as this topic is concerned. That the generation of this age should not wrongly feel that they are missing out on it by restraining.

While other political parties are busy supporting Khusboo with personal agendas, This blog would never support her on this. This proves that the reality is something else and the law is not recognizing it. This also raises a point that with so much of misuse of facilities (498A) to women why is law not equal having a plan for punishing the misusers? Why women are escaping adultery charges and why there is no 498B?

May be because these people will lose... the freedom of speech? Freedom to lie? And freedom to lure a votebank who falsy admits to the Emporers New Clothes would be lost.

As of now, These are my last words on this issue. But you may feel free to comment.


Jinesh Zaveri.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It is sad what is going on there, I can hardly believe it from my very western point of view..."

Fri Dec 09, 11:37:00 PM GMT+5:30  

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